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  • A "no-drift" runaway pile-up of pebbles in protoplanetary disks in which midplane turbulence increases with radius. Hyodo, Ryuki; Ida, Shigeru; Guillot, Tristan; A&A  (2021) arxiv:2012.12511 ADS link
  • From the stellar properties of HD 219134 to the internal compositions of its transiting exoplanets. Ligi, R. ; Dorn, C. ; Crida, A. ; Lebreton, Y. ; Creevey, O. ; Borsa, F. ; Mourard, D. ; Nardetto, N. ; Tallon-Bosc, I. ; Morand, F. ; Poretti, E. ; A&A (2019) arxiv ADS link
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    --- A quick update ; RNAAS (2018) arxiv:1809:08008 ADS link