The team "Fiber Interferometer for Laser Metrology and Stabilisation" explores and develops new approaches based on fiber system for :

  • Measurement with laser interferometry
  • Metrology of lasers and photonic devices
  • Stabilisation of lasers

Team Permanent Members :





Associate Members :

Team Temporary Members :

  • We are looking for intership application

Current projects :



Former projects :

Former members:

  • Nasserdine Hamdani, Phelma engineering school intern in 2018
  • Maxence Dupriez, trainee 2nd year of master in physics option "light - matter" in université de Lille  - 2017
  • Frédéric Audo, contract researcher in 2016 (now in Université de Dijon ICB)
  • Yassine Barje, trainee (Master Limoges) 2016
  • Lin Wei Yu, trainee (Master SupOptique) 2016
  • Mathieu Daldosso, trainee (INSA Toulouse) 2014 (now engineer at NXP Semiconductors)
  • Ha Phung, contract engineer in 2013, doctoral candidate 09/09-06/13, contract engineer January-July 2018 (now in SYRTE)
  • Clément Courde, doctoral candidate 09/07-02/11 (now in GeoAzur)
  • Alain Brillet, senior research fellow (now retired)