Fiber Interferometer, Laser Metrology and Stabilisation

The research topic "Fiber Interferometer, Laser Metrology and Stabilisation" explores and develops new approaches based on fiber system for :

  • Stabilisation of lasers
  • Measurement with laser interferometry
  • Metrology of lasers and photonic devices

Main applications of ultra low frequency noise lasers and fiber interferometers are :

  • Interferometric Optical Sensing
  • Quantum Technologies & Communications
  • OTDR Temperature and Strain Sensing
  • Acoustic Sensing
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Coherent Communications
  • Spectroscopy

These research activities are part of the Engineering of photonic systems domain of INSIS (Sciences of Engineering and Systems Institute) and of the Optics and laser domain of INP (Physics Institute), two institutes of the CNRS.

laser control

Principal investigators :

  • Kefelian.Fabien  Fabien Kéfélian (Dr), associate professor - Université Côte d'Azur (previously working on AdVIRGO laser)
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  •  Michel Lintz (Dr, HdR), research fellow - CNRS (also member of LISA team)

Contract researchers:

  • Debanjan Show (UCA) - doctoral candidate
  • Stéphanie GRABIELLE - Professeur certifié de Mathématiques ...Dr. Stéphanie Grabielle (CNRS) - post-doctoral researcher (LabEx FIRST-TF)



control of the laser stabilization system




Former subjects of research :

Former investigators and partners:

  • Nasserdine Hamdani, Phelma engineering school intern in 2018
  • Ha Phung, doctoral candidate EDSFA 09/09-06/13, contract engineer in 2013, FIRST-TF funded contract engineer January-July 2018 (now permanent research engineer in OCA- Geoazur Lab)
  • Maxence Dupriez, trainee 2nd year of master in physics option "light - matter" in université de Lille  - 2017
  • Frédéric Audo, FIRST-TF funded contract researcher in 2016 (now engineer at CEA)
  • Yassine Barje, trainee (Master Limoges) 2016 (now engineer at SFR)
  • Lin Wei Yu, trainee (Master SupOptique) 2016 (now engineer at AMD)
  • Mathieu Daldosso, trainee (INSA Toulouse) 2014 (now engineer at NXP Semiconductors)
  • Johnny Fernando Martinez Vera, trainee (Master electronics Nice) 2012
  • Clément Courde, doctoral candidate funded by Thales Alenia Space and Région PACA 09/07-02/11 (now permanent research engineer in OCA- Geoazur Lab)
  • Alain Brillet, senior research fellow - Medaille d'or du CNRS recepient (now retired)